The Heller Foundation


The The Dr. Bernard Foundation 1978−2015
September 2015

The Dr. Bernard Heller Foundation has a long and generous history of giving to JTS, touching the lives of dozens of students, faculty, scholars, and the community. Together, the partnership between the trustees of the foundation and the leadership of JTS have worked in tandem to create projects that unite our missions for the common purpose of enriching Jewish lives through Jewish history, culture, and scholarship.

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Montefiore Update

Montefiore Pursues Baby-Friendly Designation for 2015
November 10, 2014

In keeping with mounting medical evidence that indicates breast milk is much healthier than formula, Montefiore is striving for Baby-Friendly designation. Read The Complete Article

Healthy Life CT

Release Your Inner Artist
July/August 2011

Popular culture suggests artists are born, not made. Not exactly, says Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. “While I wouldn’t argue with that statement, there are many people who are extremely talented but don’t have the courage to put themselves center stage.”

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Water Workout: Paddleboarding Hits the Core
July/August 2011

Kim Beaumont, owner of Downunder in Rowayton and Westport, was a devoted kayaker until about three summers ago, when she went paddleboarding for the first time. “Now it’s all I want to do!” she says with a laugh.”

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Healthy Life NY

Peace at Last
July/August 2011

Margaret Roach always dreamed of escaping the rat race of New York City; she just didn’t know when it was going to happen. Or even if. “I was a big success, people told me,” she writes in her memoir, And I Shall Have Some Peace There, but the secret she never spoke aloud was “my belief that I had long ago given up on me.” Hardly the kind of talk you’d expect from the former executive vice president and editorial director at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

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Can We Talk? Open Communication Lines Early for Your Teen’s Best Health
May/June 2011

When Latham pediatrician Dr. Tricia Pelnik-Fecko recently asked a young patient if she enjoyed riding her bicycle, the child gave her a blank look. “They told me they had never ridden a bicycle before,” Pelnik-Fecko says. “There’s just no downtime for these kids anymore — from going to one activity to the next, everything is just over-scheduled.” By the time those kids reach adolescence, Pelnik-Fecko says, anxiety, depression and obesity issues can dominate.

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Room with a View…
August 2011

When they started combing neighborhoods for a new home 14 years ago, interior designer Denise Maurer and her husband, Don, knew they had one requirement. “We absolutely had to have a house with a great view,” says Denise. The longtime Capital Region residents ultimately built their 2,400-square-foot dream space in Troy, courtesy of Jeff Almstead Builders of Latham, on a sweeping overlook of the Hudson Valley.

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Green Acres is the Place to Be…
June 2011

When you imagine a farm, you probably picture horses, cows and acres of rolling hills. As more people are relishing a simpler kind of life, however, they’re turning off their BlackBerrys and heading to their nearest feed stores. And you don’t need 100 acres to do it. Raising small farm animals, including chickens, guinea fowl, goats and even sheep may be easier than you think.

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Santana Stays in the Moment 41 Years After Woodstock
July 31, 2010

BETHEL, NY- “Most people are prisoners, thinking only about the future or living in the past,” Carlos Santana famously stated. “They are not in the present, and the present is where everything begins.” Forty-one years after his Woodstock debut, Santana returned to the Bethel, NY site July 17, sharing his moment as a bonafide rock legend. The original Woodstock site is now home to a booming cultural center, including the Bethel Woods Museum and an annual summer concert series.

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Antique Trader

Auction House is a Doorway to American History
June 15, 2010

CANTON, Ct.-Canton Barn, LLC prides itself on sticking to the Webster definition of auction house: a sale of property to the highest bidder. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the Nutmeg State landmark is among the last of its kind, with no reserves or buyer’s premium. Co-owners Richard and Susan Wacht buy each piece outright; acquiring merchandise largely through word-of-mouth, estate bankers and attorneys. Items generally range from Victorian and Colonial-era antiques to 1950s collectibles.

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